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CSCH Weekly New Letter 03/21/2024 中文学校周报

1. Registration is still OPEN for Spring semester.

2. Please do not use the classrooms/areas that we are not renting in McDougle Middle.

3. Graduation/Award ceremony will be held on 05/25/2024 from 1:25 pm in Rm824

4. New CSCH website demonstration on 03/23/2024 from 4 pm to 5 pm in Rm824

5. Chinese reading competition is still ON for March

1. 春季学期注册依然开放。

2. 请不要在McDougle Middle使用我们没有租的教室。

3. 中文学校毕业典礼/表彰大会将于05/25/2025下午1:25在824教室举行。

4. 中文学校新网站演示将于03/23/2024 从4 点到 5点在824教室举行。

5. 中文读书打卡竞赛活动三月火热进行中。

Newsletter 03/21/2024

Ninth week of 2024 spring semester. Normal schedule this Saturday 03/23/2024.

Spring Semester Registration Is Still OPEN.

Though Early registration ended on December 17th (All early registration will be ONLY valid if payment is received on December 17th or earliest), Spring registration is still OPEN.

Pay By Check, please

1. Mail the check along with a signed signature page.

2. If you would like to hand the check and the signed signature page to our admin team in school, you can do so on 03/02/2024.

3. Personal check or money order payable to CSCH. Please add student ID, student name and “tuition” on the memo line.

One Check per Student Please.

Pay By Zelle: Treasurer@csch-nc.org

1. ENSURE student ID, student FULL NAME and “tuition” in Zelle transaction message.

2. Sign the printed signature page, fill in the Zelle transaction ID, DATE in Check # area

3. Hand the signed signature page to front desk or mail it or email the picture to registrar@csch-nc.org

One transaction per Student Please.

Please do not use classrooms that we don’t rent in McDougle Middle School.

We have received a notice from CHCCS and McDougle that they have a couple of concerns about the designated spaces that everyone is supposed to be. Please make sure that all our teachers, students and parents stay in the classrooms and hallways that we are renting and do not enter any other places in the building.

Graduation/Award Ceremony will be held on 05/25/2024 from 1:25 pm at Rm824.

This year’s graduation ceremony is scheduled on 05/25/2024 from 1:25 pm at Rm824 in McDougle Middle School. All the students graduating will need to be there to receive their graduation certificates. The students who earn awards in all kinds of competitions and in volunteer work will be presented with their awards certificates too.

New CSCH website demonstration on 03/23/2024 from 4 pm to 5 pm in Rm824.

CSCH will change to our new website after this spring semester, scheduled in early June. The new website will be more user-friendly and have a lot more functions for parents, students and teachers. The demonstration of this new website will be held on 03/23/2024 in Rm 824. All our teachers, parents and students are welcome to get a little bit more information about how to explore the new website. Please also feel free to bring your requests and suggestions.

Chinese reading competition is still ON for March.

CSCH is organizing a Chinese reading competition in March 2024. Every student is encouraged to read a Chinese book everyday and try to write something about it. CSCH will provide some prizes for the students. Please record your reading time through this link: https://forms.gle/wmCsbTVERQERVKYG6

Also CSCH is encouraging everyone to bring Chinese books to school every Saturday to exchange with others. So we will have a large Chinese book collection for our students to read this Spring.

校报 03/21/2024



尽管早期注册已于美国东部时间 12 月 17 日晚上 11:50 结束(所有早期注册仅在 12 月 17 日或最早收到付款的情况下才有效),但春季注册仍然开放。


1. 将支票连同签名页邮寄。

2. 如果您想将支票和签名页交给我们学校的管理团队,您可以上课的时候到学校前台交到注册老师处。

3. 个人支票或money order 写给 "CSCH", 请写清楚金额、标注学号、英文名字及“学费”


Zelle 支付:Treasurer@csch-nc.org

1. 确保 Zelle 交易消息中包括学生 ID 和全名,并注明”学费“。


3. 开学后将签名页交给前台或邮寄或将图片发邮件至registrar@csch-nc.org


请中文学校的老师,学生和家长不要用McDougle Middle 我们没有租的教室和区域。

我们中文学校被学区和McDougle Middle School 告知有我们学校的人员出现在我们没有租的教室和其他地区。请我们的老师,学生和家长注意不要进入我们学校没有租的教室和区域。也请我们的中文课的老师和活动课老师提醒学生和家长一定不要去我们租的教室和可使用的过道以外的区域。这个非常重要,谢谢大家的合作。



中文学校新网站演示将于03/23/2024 从4 点到 5点在824教室举行。

中文学校将于本学期结束后更换新的网站。目前新的网站基本准备就绪,将比现有的网站功能更多更强大,也更号用,会给我们的老师同学和家长更多的自由。如果您想要了解新的网站,请于03、23、2024 下午4点到5点来824教室。如果您有任何疑问或建议,都欢迎告知我们。


中文学校中文读书打卡竞赛活动火热进行中!三月春光好,正是读书天! 教堂山中文学校在三月份举办中文读书打卡活动!鼓励同学们每天朗读中文图书,并通过此链接打卡读书信息 https://forms.gle/wmCsbTVERQERVKYG6

特别鼓励孩子填写读书感想,写的好的小朋友我们会定期和大家分享! 月末总计读书时长超过一定时间的同学们将获得小奖品!此外, 为了提供更多的读书资源,3月的每个周六我们会在学校举办中文图书 捐赠互换活动! 鼓励大家捐出孩子闲置的中文图书至学校前台,也欢迎孩子们课间来前台拿走一本自己喜欢的图书!
Posted on 03/22/2024 08:00 AM

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