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Class Name:Chinese Calligraphy and Painting I 中国书画 I
Class Room:127
Class Time:4:00-4:50 PM
Textbook:prepare any calligraphy and painting books (entry level) based on your favorite I will copy some materials for everybody
Class Goal:Chinese calligraphy and painting class for the adults 成人中国书画班 The main content of the study of painting and calligraphy classes this semester: understanding the history of Chinese painting and calligraphy. The calligraphy class is familiar with the characteristics of Xiaozhuan's writing, the genre and writing features of the script. On the basis of familiarity with famous works, the Chinese painting class will mainly introduce the distribution of ink color, practice in classrooms, and master the effects of different brushwork colors.
Teacher Name:Zhou, Amy
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 919-564-8043    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/07/2019欢迎大家回到我们的中文学校!这学期到圣诞节前我们主要讲书法内容。 第一部分 婉曲流觞 第一节课 ——小篆的回顾与练习 Yes
09/14/2019第一部分 婉曲流觞 第二节课 小篆练习,初识隶书Yes
09/21/2019第二部分 时空对话 第三节课 秦隶,汉隶,清隶名帖欣赏与对比Yes
09/28/2019第二部分 时空对话 第四节课 横竖之间的守恒Yes
10/05/2019第三部分 汉隶风骨第五节 隶书字体讲解与练习(一) Yes
10/12/2019第三部分 汉隶风骨第六节课 隶书字体讲解与练习(二)Yes
10/26/2019第三部分 汉隶风骨第七节课 隶书字体讲解与练习(三)Yes
11/02/2019第四部分流光百转 第八节课 欧楷中的天地 Yes
11/09/2019第四部分 流光百转 第九节课 九成宫与醴泉铭的对话一Yes
11/16/2019第四部分 流光百转 第十节课 九成宫与醴泉铭的对话二Yes
11/23/2019第四部分 流光百转 第十一节课 九成宫与醴泉铭的对话三Yes
12/07/2019第四部分 流光百转第十二节课 《化度寺碑》里的乾坤Yes
12/14/2019第五部分韵致超逸 第十三节课 异彩行书,本学期总结Yes
No School: 10/19/2019(Fall Break CSCH Celebration Party),   11/30/2019(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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