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Class Name:CSL beginner Chinese as a Second Language
Class Room:130
Class Time:2:00-3:50 PM
Pre-requirement:Age 5+
Textbook:美洲华语 第一册 Mei Zhou Chinese I
Class Goal:The Chinese as a Second Language Beginner class is designed for children who have limited to no experience with Chinese. The curriculum will focus on daily use of the language, and through stories, songs and games to teach students the fundamentals of Chinese language and cultural. By the end of this course, students can comprehend spoken common expression and short questions about themselves. They also can have a short simple conversation in Chinese and recognize about 100 basic Chinese characters in this year.
Teacher Name:Luo, Qiong 罗琼
Teacher Contact Info:Phone: 984-234-8355    Email:
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Class DateClass PlanClass Day
09/07/2019Greetings, introduction of Pinyin and Chinese Characters Lesson 1Yes
09/14/2019Lesson 1Yes
09/21/2019Lesson 2 Useful dialogues: What's your name? My name is ... How old are you? I am... Yes
09/28/2019Lesson 2 Expressions of big numbers, dates and timeYes
10/05/2019Lesson 3 How to express month and some basic and useful adjectives: big, small, hot, cold...Yes
10/12/2019Lesson 3 expressions of describing locations.Yes
10/26/2019Review and midterm testYes
11/02/2019Lesson 4 Get to know different body partsYes
11/09/2019Lesson 4 Get to know different body partsYes
11/16/2019Lesson 5 About nature Useful dialogues: I am American! Where are you from?Yes
11/23/2019Lesson 5Yes
12/07/2019Leeson 6Yes
12/14/2019Review and TestYes
No School: 10/19/2019(Fall Break CSCH Celebration Party),   11/30/2019(Thanksgiving Holiday)
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