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Summer ACT Class (Sat)
Year 2022-2023 Fall - Administration

We are a volunteer-based non-profit organization. All administration staff are volunteers, and receive no salary from the school. We are all committed to serve the parents, teachers, students, and the community.

CSCH Advisory Committee
English NamePositionPhoneEmail
Liu, PeizhuCSCH Advisory
Xie, WeihuaCSCH Advisory
Liang, JunCSCH Advisory
Zheng, TianliCSCH Advisory

School Board
English NamePositionPhoneEmail
Wan, QunChair, Board of
Li, ZhiyongMember, Board of
Gu, LinMember, Board of
Gu, HongbinMember, Board of
Ding, HuiMember, Board of
Cai, XuezhongMember, Board of
Liang, JunMember, Board of
Zhang, PiyouMember, Board of

English NamePositionPhoneEmail
Zhang, PiyouPTA
Luo, LeiPTA
Chen, HuinaPTA
Liu, YujunPTA

School Administration
English NamePositionPhoneEmail
Shan, LinVice Principal and
Yan, HongxiaAcademic
Wang, YujieEnrichment and Activity
Wu, JihongBook Order/Purchase/Supply Manager919-249-7416
Wan, QunSchool District Communication
Dong, MaomaoAcademic
Huang, WeishiAcademic Game
Xie, HongboActivity Class
Lou, YuFund Raising
Zhong, HuaPresident Volunteer Service Award
Li, YulingPresident Volunteer Service Award Coordinator

Other Volunteer
English NamePositionPhoneEmail
Shi, YaoliAdmin on
Yang, QingsongAdmin on
Mu, HelenAdmin on
Wei, HonghongAdmin on
Zhao, HongweiAdmin on duty
Liu, MendanAdmin on duty
Yuan, NaAdmin on duty

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