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Chinese School on Schedule this Saturday (Feb 25) and Chinese Visa Service next Saturday (March 4)
All language and activity classes are on schedule this Saturday (Feb 25).


We received several complaints from Culbreth Middle School about the issues in the classrooms and hallways last week. Parents, please take a moment to have a serious conversation with your child and make sure he/she follows the school policies.

a. Please review the students rules with your child:

b. As CSCH rents the district school facilities, students are NOT ALLOWED to take/move books and other materials in the classrooms, to wipe any existing messages/ notes from the home room teachers on the white board, to mess up stuff on the home teacher's desk, to tamper anything unrelated to CSCH, and to mess lockers in the hallways.

c. Room 140b is the room for parents to rest. Parents, please don't randomly use other rooms, please don't sit outside of the classroom in the hallways, please don't talk loudly in the hallways, and PUT your table/chair into the ORIGINAL order before your leave.

d. Parents are required to pick up your child RIGHT after the class is over.

e. Parents are not encouraged to bring non-CSCH student child to the school. If occasionally and really necessary, please make sure your child is always under your supervision .

f. All signed-up room parents, please make sure being in the classroom on time, and help the teacher supervise students.


Per parent's request, CSCH administration committee contacts the representative from the Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCC), Chris Guo will come to CSCH on 3/4/2017, provides an on-site service for Chinese Visa application.

Address: Chapel Hill Chinese School

(at Culbreth Middle School)

Time: 3/4/2017, 2-3 pm

Cost: $175 (personal check to CCCC).

Contact: Chris Guo



地点: Chapel Hill Chinese School (at Culbreth Middle School)

时间: 下午2至3点

服务内容: 验证所需材料, 及表格。收集材料(每个人的材料装在一个自备的信封袋)。 发还结果时间另行通知。

联系人:郭旭光,电话:9193572589, 邮箱
Posted on 02/23/2017 09:33 PM

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