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Chinese School on Schedule and Seminar by Claire Zhu this Saturday (April 30, 2016)
All language and activity classes are on schedule this Saturday (April 30, 2016).

1. SEMINAR "More efforts, more voter turnout"

Topic: More Efforts, More Voter Turnout ---- Survey analysis of 2015 Chapel Hill local elections in the Chinese community

When: Saturday 4/30/2016 @4-5pm

Where: Chinese School at Chapel Hill Room 140b

Speaker: Claire Zhu

Our student Claire Zhu, along with several high school students, actively participated the voter turnout project in the 2015 Chapel Hill local elections. She conducted a survey right after the elections and applied statistic tools to analyze the effectiveness of the organized activities and social media we used in the project. She is going to share her inspiring findings in this presentation

2. Recruit for Chinese Language Teachers:

Chinese school is looking for 2-3 Chinese Language Teachers. If you know anyone who is interested, please contact academic director, Teacher Shi, at Lily201266@hotmail.com

招聘中文老师: 教堂山中文学校现招聘2-3名中文老师。 希望热爱中国文化和对中文教学感兴趣的家长和朋友和中文学校教务长石老师联系(Lily201266@hotmail.com)。 上课时间为星期六下午2-4pm.



Topic: Children’s Oral Health for Parents and Parents-to-be

When: Saturday 5/14/2016 @4-5 pm

Where: Chinese School at Chapel Hill

Speaker: Dr. Zhengyan Wang

Dr. Wang graduated from West China University of Medical Sciences, the top dental school in China. Dr. Wang attended UNC graduate school and received her Ph.D. in Oral Biology and completed her three-year residency training in pediatric dentistry at UNC Dental School. She became board certified and a diploma of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry since 2006. After completing her postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Wang served as full time faculty at Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry at UNC and then at Dept. of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry at University of Michigan. Dr. Wang is currently in private practice at RTP Pediatric Dentistry. She is also an adjunct faculty and a collaborator on an NIH funded research project at UNC. More information about the seminar can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5bze7fMZLN8T3U1OWxGcWM5aW4zNWpURlAtV1g1SDFubXE4/view?usp=sharing

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