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April 4th - CSCH Spring Break

本周末及下周末(4/4 and 4/11)为中文学校春假. 学校将休假两周。

COVID-19已在北卡州开始流行。截至今天(3/26)北卡已有1991例 COVID-19患者。希望大家注意对病毒的防护。锻炼身体,提高身体的免疫力。必须外出时建议佩戴口罩。

Hi, All:

We do not have Chinese this weekend and next weekend (4/4 and 4/11). CSCH is on scheduled spring break. So far, NC has 1991 confirmed COVID-19 cases. We wish everyone stay safe and healthy.

Jun Liang

CSCH Principal

Posted on 04/02/2020 10:19 PM

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