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Chinese School on Schedule and Participation in Chapel Hill Holiday Parade this Saturday (Dec 10th)
All language and activity classes are on schedule this Saturday (Dec 10th).

This Saturday is also the last school day for the Fall Semester. The new (Spring) Semester will start on Jan 6, 2017.

If you have not done yet, please visit school's website (csch-nc.org) to register for classes for next Semester. Early registration discount will not apply starting 12/15/2016. the deadline for 100% refund without "Drop Fee" is 12/31/2016.

Chapel Hill Holiday Parade this Saturday:

The annual Chapel Hill Holiday Parade will be held this Saturday, Dec 10, 2016. There will be marching bands, youth groups, creatively decorated floats and much more. For the very first time, our Chinese School will be participating this community event. We will have decorated lanterns, distribute LIGHTUP Festival flyers, and most importantly we will present the amazing dragon dance, which will definitely be one of the highlights at the parade. We cordially invite everyone to come join us and attend this exciting event!

Here is some important information:

Date/time: 10 AM - 12 PM Dec 10, 2016

Parade Route: begins on East Franklin Street in front of the Morehead Planetarium and ends at the Carrboro Town Hall.

Our line-up number is #17, Staging zone is Zone C (right in front of Morehead Planetarium)

Arrival Time: Line-up begins at 8:00 AM. All of the participants of our group must arrive by 9:00 AM.

Parking: parking decks on Franklin St and Rosemary St. should be all free. You can also park on the small streets nearby.

Any restriction? : Nobody should dress up as Santa. Other than that, there isn't really restriction - kids can ride bikes, scooters, and you can bring your pets. If you have candies to hand out to audience, that would be fine too!

中文学校建校23年来 (1993)我们将第一次参加一年一度的Chapel Hill Holiday Parade. 我们将利用这个极好的社区活动机会推广我们的中国文化,宣传中文学校以及一月份即将到来的LIGHTUP Festival。届时会有舞龙表演,灯笼展示,散发Festival 等活动,我们会有摄影师现场拍照,社交媒体志愿者制做Facebook Live等等。我们的舞龙表演估计是Chapel Hill 有史以来第一次 :) 诚邀大家参加,请务必不要错过这个活动!

时间: 十二月十日上午10点到12点 (10点准时出发)

集合地点:Morehead Planetarium 门口


游行路线:从 Morehead Planetarium 到Carrboro Town Center (约 1.6 英里)。中文学校是第17号。

Parking: 此次游行没有shuttle,请大家尽量安排carpool,开车的朋友可以在Franklin St 和Rosemary St附近的趴车场趴车,也可在附近的小街趴车; 另外从你的住处到处于城中心Franklin St.应该有bus线;

其他注意事项:不能打扮成Santa; 小孩可以骑小自行车,scooter;可以带宠物;沿途没有restroom;周六比较冷,请注意保暖!

Posted on 12/08/2016 06:52 PM

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